Worker Exchanges

Nurses volunteer to participate in short-term missions in developing countries, providing health services or a helping hand in a community. CFNU recognizes our members' interest in participating in these short-term missions and the mutual value that arises from such an exchange. For this reason, CFNU strives to provide nominal support for up to 8 members per year to participate in humanitarian missions abroad.

Apply on-line Funding will be decided yearly. Applications need to be submitted the year prior to travel.

Read about some of the experiences of CFNU-sponsored nurses:

Team Broken Heart in Haiti
by Laila Brown
Once in a lifetime, you may participate in something extraordinary.  A journey changing your view of the world and how you participate within that world. The ability to help others and teach them to cope under extreme circumstances, and teach them to provide care to one another is one of the greatest gifts of humanity.  I was fortunate to be a part of Team Broken Earth 2011, which attempts to help better the lives of Haiti through medical assistance and training.  This is our story...

Butare, Rwanada
by Lynn MacDonald
The Hospital in Butare, Rwanda is a 500-bed tertiary hospital in the southeastern area of Rwanda, that serves a population of approximately 2.2 million people. The majority of patients that come to this hospital are very sick and/or have advanced disease. Health care providers must respond to a high number of diseases such as malaria, GI infections, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, with limited financial and human resources. Read the full story...

Medical Mission to Monte Plata, Dominican Republic
By Judy Masci, RN

This past winter, I participated in a two-week Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic. The team was sponsored by Medical Ministry International, an interdenominational medical ministry whose goal is to “care for the world’s poor with lasting solutions through excellence in medicine, patient care, and health education” ( Read the full story...

Traveling to Ecuador as part of the Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad to help poor families has been the most fulfilling time of her career. Pauline Worsfold (UNA).

“I joined a team of 2 doctors, 3 nurses, a pharmacist, a physiotherapist and 3 lay people. The town we stayed at is called Tactic, aprox. 3 hours north of Guatemala City, in the mountains.The people are very poor. The drinking water is polluted and there is no health care in this town. The nearest medical facilities are a 30-minute drive away, which seems close to us, but these people would have to walk there and then they would have to pay for services and they have little money. Impact Ministries has built a clinic and our team was the first health team to use it. As nurses, we did triage, treatment, prescribed drugs for minor problems and assisted the doctors and pharmacist. It was an amazing experience and has made me so appreciative of the health care we have in Canada.” Bonne Jean Connolly (UNA).

“I traveled to Ndola, Zambia, with 14 hockey bags packed with medical supplies, school supplies, toys, clothes and, of course, soccer balls! We constructed buildings for the orphanage, made donations to the Children’s Hospital and the local HIV/AIDS hospice, and two weeks flew by. One day may the Zambian children, now adults, take over the running of their country with fairness, compassion, accountability and love." Susan Milimac (MNU).

"Our mission to Zambia was a great success in that we were able to contribute to the needs of numerous children and their families in Lusaka, the capital city, and outlying areas." Christina Phillips (PEINU).