Robin Hood Tax

  • Wednesday, Nov 28 2012
    For immediate release – Wednesday 28 November 2012 A Robin Hood Tax for the Common Good Over 1,000 people speak out for fair taxes everywhere Over 1,000 people attending the Public Services International World Congress in Durban, South Africa will don bright green Robin Hood hats in support of the global campaign to implement financial transactions taxes in countries around the world. Guest speakers will address the crowd during a special “Robin Hood Tax for the Common Good” lunch-hour event...
  • Tuesday, Oct 9 2012
    Major step forward as 11 European countries commit to Robin Hood Tax A handful of countries made a small breakthrough at a meeting of ministers in Luxembourg, deciding to impose a tax on financial transactions in the hopes of curbing risky, speculative trades and perhaps even creating a fund that could be used to help banks in trouble. The 11 countries that support the tax still have to hammer out exactly how it will work and submit it for approval.
  • Monday, Jun 25 2012
    Robin Hood Tax: U.S. and Canada kickoff campaigns to tax financial transactions With actor Mark Ruffalo and Coldplay’s Chris Martin recently publicly backing it, the Robin Hood Tax campaign is gaining steam.
  • Friday, May 11 2012
    Take action now for the Robin Hood Tax Linda Silas, CFNU President, Pauline Worsfold, CFNU Secretary-Treasurer, and Marilyn Quinn, NBNU President, will be joining the National Nurses United and more than 85 other organizations on May 17-18 in Chicago for the launch of the US campaign in support of a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT). This Tax, commonly known as the Robin Hood Tax, is a very small fee of 0.05% on financial market transactions of stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and...
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