• Tuesday, Oct 23 2012
    Nurses for Medicare letter to The Honourable Deb Matthews Minister of Health and Long-Term Care requesting that she stand up for public health care and to reject the proposed sale of Shouldice Hospital to a large for-profit conglomerate.
  • Thursday, Sep 27 2012
    The Ontario Nurses' Association urges the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to reject the sale of Shouldice to Centric Health Corporation, a TSX-listed for-profit company controlled by U.S.-based Global Healthcare Investments & Solutions. The unique historical circumstances that allowed Shouldice to be grandfathered to operate in Ontario should cease and not be carried on through this sale to the detriment of our public health care system.
  • The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA)
    Thursday, Feb 16 2012
    Media Release Ontario Nurses Say Health Care Changes Must Benefit Patients February 15, 2012 TORONTO—The Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) will meet with government to discuss any recommendations contained in the just-released Drummond Report that will impact on health outcomes for patients and the working conditions for RNs. In its first analysis of the report, ONA found some recommendations to be supportive of – such as fully uploading public health to the provincial level, improving coordination across the health care system,...
  • Tuesday, Jan 10 2012
    Privatization harms the public system. Some claim that opening the door to private care would relieve pressure, but this is untrue. This backgrounder reviews the arguments for and against increasing private for-profit health care in Canada.
  • Friday, Sep 24 2010
    To the editor of the Montreal Gazette: Re: Quebec’s decision to not implement user fees for health services As representatives of Nurses for Medicare , a grassroots initiative that promotes publicly-funded, not-for-profit health care in Canada, we applaud the Charest government for rethinking its idea of imposing a $25 user fee for medical visits. Not only would the user fee violate the principles of universality enshrined in the Canada Health Act, it would also have penalized the poorest and the...
  • Thursday, Jun 17 2010
    MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release June 17, 2010 Leading economist shatters myth that public health care is ‘unsustainable’; pins blame for soaring costs on private health care spending OTTAWA -- One of the world’s leading health economists came out swinging today, shattering the myth that public health care is unsustainable and laying the blame for rising costs at the feet of private health services not covered by Medicare. The message was delivered to Members of Parliament by Dr. Robert G...
  • Friday, Jun 11 2010
    The Montreal Gazette June 9, 2010 QUEBEC - The province's auditor general - in this fourth report on the cost of Montreal's two new university teaching hospitals - reiterated Wednesday that building them as public-private partnerships will cost more than the conventional method. In the National Assembly, Sylvain Simard of the Parti Québécois called the new report "the most devastating," saying the government had "falsified" cost estimates to favour the PPP approach. Treasury Board President Monique Gagnon-Tremblay replied that there...
  • Monday, Oct 6 2008
    October 6, 2008 - (Ottawa) - There is no evidence to support claims that increasing for-profit private elements in Canadian health care will improve care or reduce cost, according to a new report released on the eve of a National Day of Action for Medicare. The report written for the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is a summary of the private versus public health care debate in Canada, reviewing the evidence for and against increasing private for-profit health care. “For-profit...


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