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    Monday, Oct 5 2015
    This election there is a better choice for the economy and the future. The CLC believes there is a better choice. One that gets us ready to support and care for our aging population. One that gives Canadians high-quality, secure jobs instead of short-term, temporary positions. One that provides programs that benefit everyone—instead of tax relief programs that benefit a select few. This election, we can choose better child care, health care, retirement security and jobs. Learn more at betterchoice.ca...
  • Friday, Oct 17 2014
    October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Canada’s frontline nurses support the “Chew On This!” campaign as part of Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada. Today at lunchtime events across the country volunteers will be raising awareness of the need to end poverty in Canada. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions believes Canada needs a Federal Anti-Poverty Plan to address the root causes of poverty. Poverty and health are interlinked. An anti-poverty plan...
  • Thursday, Oct 18 2012
    Citizens for Public Justice new report Poverty Trends Scorecard CPJ’s new report, Poverty Trends Scorecard—Canada 2012 was just released on October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It shows how although some progress toward ending poverty in Canada has been made, much more work remains for us all to do. Read the full report or watch for an upcoming feature article about the report and accompanying events here and in the November Catalyst.
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