• Thursday, Oct 15 2015
    October 15, 2015 (Ottawa) – Canada’s Nurses have released a party performance card ranking the commitments to health care that each of the major federal political parties have made throughout the course of the election. Throughout polls early in this election, voters clearly identified that health care was a top concern. The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) highlighted four key areas that needed to be addressed: a safe seniors’ strategy, a national prescription drug program, committing to a publicly-funded...
    Monday, Oct 5 2015
    This election there is a better choice for the economy and the future. The CLC believes there is a better choice. One that gets us ready to support and care for our aging population. One that gives Canadians high-quality, secure jobs instead of short-term, temporary positions. One that provides programs that benefit everyone—instead of tax relief programs that benefit a select few. This election, we can choose better child care, health care, retirement security and jobs. Learn more at
  • Friday, Sep 18 2015
    Friday September 18, 2015 (Ottawa) - Canada’s Nurses are again applauding the New Democratic Party of Canada for their leadership in health care this week, with the announced commitment to develop a universal public prescription drug plan with the provinces. Today the NDP promised to work with the provinces and territories to implement a prescription drug plan that will ensure that all Canadians, regardless of age or health condition, have access to the medications that they need. The NDP has...
  • Wednesday, Jul 15 2015
    Find below Pharmacare 2020: The future of drug coverage in Canada , a research-based report with recommendations endorsed by over 100 university-affiliated experts in health policy and clinical practice from across Canada. The report presents a clear and coherent vision of a public drug plan that is universal, comprehensive, evidence-based, and sustainable. This is Pharmacare for Canada. It would work in conjunction with Medicare to promote the health and well-being of Canadians. Perhaps of particular interest, public opinion research released...
  • Tuesday, Jun 9 2015
    Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins on Monday convened a meeting with his counterparts from across the country to determine how to best deliver medically necessary drugs to Canadians in the most efficient and cost-effective way. CFNU's research quoted on , among others.
  • Thursday, May 14 2015
    For over two decades, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) has been advocating for a national pharmacare plan. Our current system is unfair, inequitable and wastes money in many different ways. Our recent report A Roadmap to a Rational Pharmacare Policy in Canada shows how there is over $11 billion wasted each year. Here at the CFNU, we analyzed how this money could be reallocated each year on a province-by-province basis and present it to you here on our...
  • Tuesday, Mar 31 2015
    The Canadian Federation of Nurses is campaigning for a national pharmacare progamme which could save billions of dollars. The savings could help improve Canada`s health care system. A RadioLabour interview with Linda Silas, President of the CFNU.
  • Wednesday, Mar 18 2015
    A national, universal drug plan makes sense on all levels except the political


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