• Wednesday, Jul 29 2015
    The premiers debated health care at their recent joint meetings. What we got was a demand that the federal government increase its funding on health care to 25 per cent. What we didn’t get was a rejection of privatization.
  • Friday, Jul 24 2015
  • Thursday, Apr 18 2013
    CHRIS WATTIE / REUTERS The Stephen Harper government has announced that the Health Council of Canada will be "wound down" to save $6 million. By: Michael McBane Published on Wed Apr 17 2013
  • Monday, Dec 3 2012
    ACTION ALERT: STAND UP 4 MEDICARE NATIONAL MEDICARE WEEK (December 2–8, 2012) Dear friend, Health care is a top concern for Canadians, yet the federal government has abdicated its leadership role. There is no plan to meet the needs of the next generation. Nor is the Harper government fulfilling its legal obligations under the Canada Health Act. Instead, responsibility for the future of Medicare is being off-loaded on to the provinces and territories (along with a $36 billion cut to...
  • Monday, Dec 3 2012
    National Medicare Week: Canadians looking for federal leadership in health care FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 3, 2012 OTTAWA – An overwhelming majority of Canadians think that the federal government should be taking a leadership role in securing our healthcare system and ensuring all Canadians have access to it, according to the results of a Nanos Research survey conducted on behalf of the Canadian Health Coalition. The poll is being released during National Medicare Week, December 2-8, 2012. Citizens from across...
  • Tuesday, Oct 23 2012
    Nurses for Medicare letter to The Honourable Deb Matthews Minister of Health and Long-Term Care requesting that she stand up for public health care and to reject the proposed sale of Shouldice Hospital to a large for-profit conglomerate.
  • Saturday, Sep 29 2012
    Relying on the best evidence, and on the experience of frontline nurses, Nursing Workload and Patient Care presents a sobering look at the challenges facing our overworked nursing workforce and the ensuing effects on patients. This book reviews the now incontrovertible body of evidence linking inadequate nurse staffing with increases in mortality and other negative outcomes for patients. Nursing Workload and Patient Care lays bare the empty promises of countless government studies while urging policy makers to fully understand the...
  • Winnipeg Free Press
    Friday, Aug 3 2012
    Hospitals over-crowded, under-staffed by Linda Silas The premiers health care innovation working group released its first report last week to polite applause. Baby steps, low-hanging fruit, motherhood and apple pie are all words that have been used to describe the initial efforts of premiers to collaborate on health care without Ottawa herding the cats. Those of us clapping loudly are trying to blow some air on this spark of pan-Canadian collaboration so that health care improvements do catch fire across...


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