Gun Control

  • Friday, Sep 13 2013
    Coalition for Gun Control President Wendy Cukier has been named one of Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence for her exceptional accomplishments and impact through her work. We all know the positive impact she has had on Canadian society through her relentless volunteer work on gun control, but her leadership at promoting diversity in the workplace, particularly for women, is just as impressive. The 25 top women will be profiled in the winter issue of Women of Influence magazine, with...
  • Thursday, Mar 29 2012
    Statement to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act
  • Tuesday, Mar 6 2012
    With C-19 in the Senate, there is no better time to call, email, and write to Senators on this important issue . here is a list of contact information for all female Senators. The COALITION for Gun Control • @CGCguncontrol • • 416.604.0209 Weakening controls when guns are purchased will put women at risk: In spite of evidence that our gun control laws help keep women safe and strong opposition by women’s safety experts, Bill C-19 that weakens...
  • Thursday, Feb 16 2012
    CFNU joins women's groups, other labour organizations and millions of Canadians in condemning the passage on February 15 of the bill to dismantle the long gun registry and destroy the data . We thank the 130 Members of Parliament who voted against this bill. CFNU will be writing to Senators telling them that this Bill goes way too far. See for a critique of the Bill.
  • Tuesday, Dec 6 2011
  • Thursday, Nov 10 2011
  • Wednesday, Sep 14 2011
    Nycole Turmel Interim Leader of the Official Opposition September 13, 2011 Dear Ms. Turmel, First, please accept our condolences at the loss of Mr. Jack Layton. It is a personal and a political loss and we must all work together to ensure that our shared vision of a more just and generous Canada is realized. I am writing to urge the NDP to take an official party position in favour of the long gun registry. Together, we have been working...
  • Thursday, Sep 16 2010
    Halifax groups weigh in for long-gun registry Cops, nurses, women’s groups want registry kept By IAN FAIRCLOUGH Staff Reporter Metro


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