• Thursday, May 26 2016
    We are making change and building a stronger labour movement that recognizes the struggles of all people facing inequality in the workplace and society. The Rise Up! conference is an opportunity for union activists to come together and explore equality and fairness for all. Video of olxDy2ArPt0 We are calling on all of our members who have a passion for human rights, improving the lives of all Canadians and the future of the labour movement. Rise Up! welcomes CLC affiliate...
  • Friday, Apr 8 2016
    April 8, 2016 (Ottawa) - On behalf of nearly 200,000 nurses across Canada, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is proud to join the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity in supporting the Day of Pink on Wednesday April 13, 2016. The Day of Pink was started in 2007 in Nova Scotia when two high school students saw another student wearing a pink shirt being bullied at school. The pair stood up for the student being bullied and took...
  • Tuesday, Mar 1 2011
    Equality seeking groups have strengthened our movement, bringing new ideas and perspectives into the practice of unionism. The diversity that is now present in our unions has not divided the labour movement: on the contrary, it has energized us and brought many committed people into our activist cadre. Confronting the Mean Society, CLC policy paper 1994 Please view the complete pamphlet at the bottom of this page (474 pdf) Resources Starting a Committee? Tips For a Successful Meeting Design Loom (pdf)
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