Reports and Studies

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Taking Steps Forward: Retaining and Valuing Experienced Nurses, January 2006 There are important implications for the health care system as the majority of Canada’s current nursing workforce moves toward retirement. In 2004, Canada had more Registered Nurses (RNs) employed in nursing ages 50-54 than any other group. Given that nurses on average retire in their late 50’s, it would seem that a shortage of nurses is looming on the horizon. This impending shortage may be further exacerbated by the fact that these prospective retirees are not being replaced by nearly adequate recruitment. 2006-01-06 Download
50 years of waiting for Pharmacare is Long Enough by Joel Lexchin, MD, August 2005 This paper authored by Joel Lexchin, MD, was presented to Premiers at the August 2005 Council of the Federation meeting. In it, Lexchin argues that Pharmacare makes sense on three levels - equity, economic efficiency and improving prescribing - noting that political appears to be the only obstacle. 2005-08-11 Download
10 Measures to Court-Proof Medicare by Steven Lewis, August 2005 Like it or not, the Supreme Court has issued a stern rebuke and formidable challenge to those who fund, govern, and deliver care under Medicare. Citizens who feel abused by the system can claim a violation of their Charter rights and go to court to seek a remedy. Download
Our Health, Our Future: Creating Quality Workplaces for Canadian Nurses The final report of the Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee, released in 2002, makes 51 recommendations to improve the retention and worklife of Canadian nurses. CFNU President Linda Silas was a member of the author committee. Download
Enhancement of Patient Safety through Formal Nurse-Patient Ratios: A Discussion Paper, October 2005 Since the late 1990’s efforts have been made to develop a pan-Canadian strategy for nursing. Unprecedented interest in health human resources has emerged, and from the outset, it was agreed that quality of nursing work life demanded immediate attention. Download, Download
Can we afford to sustain Medicare? A strong role for federal government, July 2004 In this report, CFNU urges provincial and territorial premiers to call for federal "uploading" of provincial drug programs. CFNU President Linda Silas says that if Pharmacare is embraced by premiers, it could grant relief to the provinces and provide genuine benefits for all Canadians. Download
Speaking out for public pharmacare Canada is one of the last remaining industrialized countries that does not provide publicly-funded prescription drug care for its citizens. Your union has been working with the Canadian Health Coalition to make public pharmacare a reality. Download
Report: Taking Steps Forward: Retaining and Valuing Experienced Nurses, January 26, 2006 Important implications for the health care system are coming to light as the majority of Canada’s current nursing workforce moves toward retirement. Download, Download