Reports and Studies

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From Textbooks to Texting: Addressing Issues of Intergenerational Diversity in the Nursing Workplace Generational diversity is not new. What is new is finding nurses from four distinct age groups working side by side. These four generations, Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, approach the workplace with different values, attitudes, work habits and expectations, which can lead to intergenerational conflict. 2009-06-01 Download
Trends in Own Illness or Disability-Related Absenteeism and Overtime among Publicly-Employed Registered Nurses - Summary of Key Findings Trends in Own Illness or Disability-Related Absenteeism and Overtime among Publicly-Employed Registered Nurses: Summary of Key Findings. Prepared for Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU), June 2009 2009-06-01 Download
Summary of the CFNU MP Breakfast on Aboriginal Health The topic of the tenth Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions Breakfast for MPs was “Closing the Aboriginal Health Gap.” 2009-03-29 Download
Life Before Pharmacare, Canadian Health Coalition, November 2008 The Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) has released a ground-breaking report entitled Life Before Pharmacare. 2008-11-01 Download
A Renewed Call for Action: A Synthesis Report on the Nursing Shortage in Canada The nursing labour market, once characterized by cyclical periods of shortage and surplus, has progressed to a stage where there now exists a pervasive shortage of nursing human resources. In many jurisdictions and health service delivery areas the demand is critical. To address this problem, government and health organizations have implemented strategies to increase the available supply of nurses, but with varying degrees of success. Data indicate that, while the supply of nurses entering practice is increasing, attrition from the field remains an ongoing problem. Increasing the numbers of new graduate nurses may not be sufficient to overcome the exodus of nurses from the profession due to retirement or work-life issues. While the current nursing shortfall is generally widespread, there are areas where it is more acute, for example in northern and rural communities, and in specialty areas such as the emergency room, long-term care, and critical care units. There is also a shortage of nursing faculty. 2008-06-15 Download
For-profit health care: A road paved with gold and doubtful intentions One afternoon in 2006 the telephone rang in the communications office of a nurses’ union. On the other end was a political advisor from one of the provincial ministries. The caller was interested in arranging a meeting between government officials and union leaders. His objective: to “explain” the province’s alternative financing method for hospital construction, popularly known as Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), to the union leadership. The government wanted to get the nurses on side, to convince them to back the private financing of health infrastructure. 2008-06-01 Download
Conversations with Champions of Medicare “Courage my friends – ‘tis not too late to build a better world.” – Tommy Douglas. 2007-08-07 Download
Getting Better Health Care: Lessons from (and for) Canada, July 2006 Economist Armine Yalnizyan's 2006 book, with translated Executive Summary, reviews the evolution of Canada's health care system and points the way forward with solutions for today's problems. 2006-07-01
More for Less: A National Pharmacare Strategy, May 2006 This report, prepared by the Canadian Health Coalition, makes a compelling case for why Canadians need a public national drug plan. 2006-05-26 Download
Nursing sector study recommends strategies for addressing nursing HR issues Building the Future: An integrated strategy for nursing human resources in Canada 2006-05-01 Download