Position Statements

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Nurse-Patient Ratios Canada is faced both with a serious nursing shortage, which will worsen over the next few years, and ongoing problems related to the retention and recruitment of nurses. 2007-06-17 Download
Staffing for Pandemic Planning for a pandemic becomes more challenging given the lack of surge capacity within the system, resulting from the current shortage of nurses and other health care professionals, the known practices of working part time in more than one location, and overtime and absenteeism due to illness within the health system, which certainly increase during a pandemic. 2007-06-03 Download
Racism and Racial Discrimination in the Workplace Every health care worker has a right to be free from racial discrimination in the workplace. 2007-05-24 Download
Respect and Dignity The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions believes that all employees are entitled to work in an environment where everyone is treated equal and that is free from harassment. Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. 2007-05-24 Download
Psychological Violence in the Workplace (Bullying) Psychological violence or bullying in the workplace is on the rise in Canada. In 2000, a survey of Canadian unions documented that more than 75% of those surveyed reported incidents of harassment and bullying at work. 2007-03-29 Download
Workplace Violence: Joint Position Statement CFNU/CNA The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) believe that it is the right of all nurses to work in an environment that is free from violence. 2007-02-01 Download
Practice Environments: Maximizing client, nurse and system outcomes (joint position statement CFNU and CNA) The Canadian Nurses Association(CNA) and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) believe that quality practice environments maximize outcones for clients, nurses and systems. 2006-11-01
Personal Protective Equipment when Planning for a Pandemic Safety Is Not Negoitable! Nurses are expected to be prepared, often 24 hours a day, to face any number of health emergencies. The ability to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies is fundamental to the nursing profession. However, rapid response requires the support of many parts of the health care system. It requires emergency preparedness planning, proper administrative and engineering controls, the support of the administrators of the health system, as well as the government to ensure the necessary protective equipment that takes into consideration risk and the precautionary principle. 2006-10-03 Download
Wait Time Guarantees Wait times are an indicator of problems within the health care system. The solutions to wait times are as complex as the situations which create them and relate to health human resources and inefficiencies in patient and system management. 2006-06-17 Download
Retaining and Valuing Experienced Nurses In 2003, CIHI reported that Canada had nurses aged 50-54 cohort in the profession more than any other age group. Similar reports came to the same conclusions in 2004 and again in 2005. 2006-06-17 Download