Political Action

The CFNU is a national voice for nurses. We strive to improve the working conditions for nurses and to raise the quality of patient care. We take a stand to protect and enhance Canada's public health care system. The CFNU campaigns in solidarity with other organizations including: the Canadian Labour Congress, the Canadian Health Coalition and the International Council of Nurses. Together, we campaign to advance the rights of workers at home and abroad.


Pharmacare means a national drug plan that would be publicly funded and administered. It would control costs, provide universal access and ensure the safe and appropriate use of drugs. It would cover medically necessary drug costs in the same way that Medicare now covers hospitals and physicians. The Canadian Health Coalition is a public advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Medicare.

Learn more about how to oppose higher drug pricing by going to The Canadian Health Coalition's Pharmacare website.


Canada's Nurses say it is time for a Health and Social Accord 

Send your own message to Prime Justin Trudea, or cut and paste the text from below. Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Canadians are looking for leadership from you and your government. We expect the federal government to come to the table to negotiate a new health and social accord with the provinces and territories. 

I want to see the federal government pay their fair share of health costs while leading a national discussion on how to improve the health and health care of all Canadians. I urge you to sit down with the Premiers as soon as possible to advance this objective.

Thank you, 

(Insert Your Name)

Protect Medicare

Constant vigilance is required to ensure that our public health care system is universally accessible to all Canadians irrespective of wealth. Calls to allow private insurance and for-profit delivery of health care will get louder as governments look to reduce deficits. All evidence shows, when for-profit companies are involved, patients pay more and get less.

Get Informed: visit medicare.ca

Get Involved: Sign the Medicare pledge or Join your provincial health coalition.

Put Children First 

First Nations children are often denied services available to all other children because of payment and jurisdictional disputes within and between the federal and provincial/territorial governments. Jordan’s Principle is a child first principle named in memory of Jordan River Anderson and calls on the government of first contact to pay for services for the child and then seek reimbursement later so the child does not get tragically caught in the middle of government red tape.

Get Informed: visit http://www.fncfcs.com/jordans-principle

Get Involved: Sign the declaration in support of Jordan's principle.

Get Retirement Security

CFNU is working with the Canadian Labour Congress to ensure retirement security for everyone. Pension plans and retirement savings have been hit hard by the recession. The number of Canadians retiring in poverty is alarming.

Get Informed: visit www.canadianlabour.ca

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