The CFNU statement on the passage of the politically-motivated anti-union bill C-377

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Wed, 2012-12-12

The CFNU statement on the passage of the politically-motivated anti-union bill C-377

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is outraged that 147 MPs voted in favour of legislation which serves no public purpose and will cost the government millions of dollars to implement. Bill C-377 was passed today, and will increase the administrative costs of unions and the government. Estimates of the cost to government are up to $100 million over three years.

"The money that the government will be spending on wrapping labour organizations in red tape could be used to meet real needs, such as the need to fully reinstate the cuts to the refugee health program, or to improve access to prescription drugs," says Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.

Bill C-377 imposes onerous reporting requirements on labour organizations, requiring provincial and national unions and their locals, to disclose extensive internal information which will then be accessible by employers. The administrative burden imposed on labour unions by Bill C-377 is far greater than that required by government or other non-profit organizations, including charities. The bill singles out labour organizations and does not apply to any other dues-deducting professional organizations.

"The Conservative government just undermined nurses' unions' abilities to deliver on the mandates given to them by their members by passing Bill C-377," says Linda Silas, the CFNU President. "This bill does not serve the public interest. Instead it serves interests which seek to lessen the ability of trade unions to improve wages, working and living conditions."

Nurses would like to thank the 135 Members of Parliament that did not support this legislation. 

Bill C-377 now requires passage through the Senate and the CFNU urges all locals and provincial unions to join the CFNU in writing to Senators with their concerns about this legislative attack on unions and privacy.                                                       

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