A Message of Solidarity to all federal public employees

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Fri, 2012-03-30

CFNU sends a message of solidarity to all federal public employees at the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.



A Message of Solidarity to all federal public employees


On behalf of over 200,000 unionized nurses who work in our provincial public sectors, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) is extending a message of Solidarity to each and every one of you.

It is a shame when politicians see the public sector workforce as an "expense" to be cut rather than a “resource” to be cherished. We wish that all federal politicians understood the value of public services and those who perform them. We wish that they understood how much Canadians, especially those who are the most vulnerable, need and rely on those services.

In the Federal Budget 2012, Harper and Flaherty showed us that they are willing to invest in natural resources like oil in the ground, and in capital resources like those used for private profit, but not in our human resources. Canadians pay taxes, not only to be part of a national community, but also to receive services through the various agencies of the Federal government. They have been betrayed by a budget that has not recognized your value or their needs.

We know that cutting thousands and thousands of jobs means fewer services to millions of Canadians. These include services like marine search and rescue, services for veterans and seniors, and for, the unemployed to help them find work in these difficult times. We also know that these cuts will affect our safety and security from what will happen to the environment to the security of the food we eat.

We know that we all have an urgent job to educate politicians about the value of our work as public sector employees and we are there to work with you on this. Nurses will stand up with you to reduce the impact of this austerity budget and propose another vision. There is nothing “reasonable” about cutting services to Canadians in need. There is nothing reasonable about losing your job.

Most of all, I want to express our solidarity with your individual members who will be affected by this budget through potential loss of employment, working conditions made more difficult due to the reduction of people available to do the work and the uncertainties we know you all are going through. We stand with you.


In solidarity always

Linda Silas