CFNU on Ebola Preparedness

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Thu, 2014-10-16

Ebola is still devastating countries in West Africa. Now the infection has turned up in North America and Europe, with nurses on the front line becoming infected as they care for patients.

The CFNU has sent letters of concern to the Federal Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose, and the Chief Medical Officer at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Dr. Gregory Taylor. The CFNU has outlined concerns related to preparedness among our members and restated those concerns in media interviews.

Nurses need to be given the protective equipment necessary to protect themselves and the community from infection, as well as the training and support to use that equipment properly. Beyond this, nurses need to be consulted and engaged to ensure good decisions are made and implemented.

The safety of our patients, workers and community is non-negotiable!

Below are copies of the letters to Minister Ambrose and Dr. Taylor, as well as a small sample of the media coverage featuring the CFNU.


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