International Solidarity

Nursing is a caring profession, and our solidarity knows no boundaries. CFNU and its member organizations have a long tradition of support for international and Canadian organizations working for social and economic justice and for reconstruction and development.

At the CFNU Biennial Convention in 2005, nurses voted to create an International Solidarity Fund. By creating an International Solidarity Fund, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions joins other labour unions in Canada, which mobilize resources to support initiatives that foster solidarity with the disadvantaged, whether their being disadvantaged is a result of a natural disaster or an unfair economic and social order.

About the International Solidarity Fund

The International Solidarity Fund was created by nurses at CFNU’s 2005 Biennial Convention, and in 2007, nurses agreed to donate one cent per member per month as a minimum contribution to the Fund.

Solidarity is not a random act of kindness. It is a commitment to bettering the lives of disadvantaged people  everywhere. It is about providing the basics to people who do not have them, and about asking questions as to why they do not have them. Nursing is a caring profession. The CFNU International Solidarity Fund supports worker-to-worker exchanges, provides humanitarian assistance, and builds the capacity of workers to advance the right to health.

If you are interested to be engaged in a mission abroad, apply on-line here. (See Rules and guidelines.)