Capacity Building

The Caribbean‐Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue 2011 (CCELD)

The CCELD is an executive leadership development program with three primary objectives:

To make Dialogue participants more effective leaders in achieving results for their organizations through expanding their understanding of key issues facing organizations, sectors, societies and nations in our region and exposing them to the strategies and approaches being taken by other senior leaders in dealing with these challenges. Taking people out of their day‐to‐day environment, and exposing them to thinkers and leaders working and living in other locations is a proven way to accomplish this.

To establish a strong peer network from business, government and civil society and across the Caribbean and Canada with a shared experience and commitment to shaping the future of their sectors, nations and the region.

To strengthen ties across the Caribbean and between it and Canada amongst people who will be important actors in business, labour, government and civil society for decades to come. It will help break down barriers across sectors, cultures and nations.

CLC HIV/AIDS Fund – CFNU provides support for the CLC’s HIV/AIDS Labour Fund which assists trade unions in the poorest and most affected regions of the world, working to prevent HIV/AIDS and to address the impact of this disease on workers and the workplace.

Worker Empowerment Project, China 2009-2011 – CFNU is working with the CLC International Department in support of the Migrant Worker Center in Guangdong Province, China. As a result of this three-year project, migrant workers will have access to information, will be motivated to approach the Center for support for their labour rights, and they will take a role as leaders organizing themselves; networked injured workers will be able to identify responsible government agencies and demand assistance in labour disputes cases. They will also know how to follow the procedures for reporting and obtaining occupational compensation.

Ghana 2009 – CFNU made a donation in support of the Ghana Registered Nurses Association as a gift to the Canadian Nurses Association on their centennial anniversary. With CFNU’s support, two workshops were undertaken on Strengthening Organizational Capacity through Organizing Labour. Elected leaders from the 200 health districts of Ghana attended to obtain a better understanding of how their nursing organization will assume responsibility for both the professional and the union mandates. The shared understanding that emerged from the workshops will assist the association to move forward in negotiating working conditions while providing high-quality health care.

Mozambique 2007 – CFNU provided support for the Training for Health Renewal Program in Massinga, Mozambique. This program aims at training health workers to work directly with communities and to support community participation programs that involve communities working on their own health programs. 

Burma 2007 – CFNU partnered with the Canadian Labour Congress to support the Federation of Trade Unions in Burma.