• More Nurses for Ontario

  • Value of Nurses

    Nurses are always thinking of you. Nurses have the education and experience to provide the care that can save your life. It is our duty as nurses, and as the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union, to help people understand the value of nurses, and the need to have more of them in Nova Scotia.
  • BCNU - Safe Care Now

    Every year more BC require health care, but there aren’t enough nurses being hired to meet the demand. With more patients than ever nurses face a balancing act that eventually affect you or someone you love.
  • UNA - Beyond Acute Care

    Canada’s premiers need to tell the federal government it must come back to the negotiating table with a national health plan that includes public funding for long-term care, home care, palliative care and pharmacare, United Nurses of Alberta President Heather Smith told a news conference today.
  • ONA - Value the Invaluable: send your support to front-line nurses

    Across Ontario, front-line nurses ensure that patients, residents and clients are cared for in their time of need. Nurses are the MVPs of health care. We know that, dollar for dollar, nurses improve our lives more than almost anyone.
  • NLNU - The Clarity Project

    Clarity Statements What makes a registered nurse an invaluable part of the health care system?1) RNs are highly qualified to perform their role in health care: