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Clarity Statements

What makes a registered nurse an invaluable part of the health care system?
1) RNs are highly qualified to perform their role in health care:

  • Meet high standards in education
  • Have a greater depth and breadth of study than other nursing providers

2) RNs’ education and experience provide them with an invaluable role in health care:

  • Skills and knowledge that are unique to RNs
  • Greater judgment when providing care
  • Comprehensive assessment, critical thinking and problem-solving

3) RNs provide a level of care that other nursing and health care providers cannot:

  • Provide care not just for patients, but for groups of people, like communities and families
  • Independently provide care for the full range of patient conditions, including critical and rapidly changing conditions
  • Not only coordinate, but also manage and evaluate health care
  • Capable of dealing with the most complex and unpredictable conditions
  • Based on in-depth knowledge, able to assess and analyze even the most subtle changes to prevent complications

4) RNs take a proactive approach to help promote health amongst the population as a whole:

  • Develop and lead health promotion programs and health policies
  • Teach the general public about healthy lifestyles and disease prevention
  • Use population-focused interventions to prevent disease
  • Educate and conduct research to advance the nursing profession and improve health care